Would you like to work for yourself?

Twelve Steps to Get You Started!

  • What Your Small Business Needs A product or service to sell. People who want to purchase your product or service. A way to get paid.
  • The Business Plan Considering factors like cash flow, marketing and the types of products you want to sell. Write a short one page plan, keep it simple.
  • How to Find Your People When you know who you are marketing to, it’s a whole lot easier to figure out where to spend your money, time and energy.
  • Why You Need a Blog Building a community through a blog will enable you to build your business and reach new clients. Your blog is your home base on the Internet. Whatever service you’re selling, customers should be able to find you online.
  • How to Cultivate Ideas Creativity is a continuous process; a process that requires bringing ideas into the world through writing, and connecting with others.
  • The Benefits of Testing You might have a product you want to sell, but will anyone buy it? The only way to find out is by testing your idea. Brainstorm ways to test your idea and go for it. Don’t let fear hold you back.
  • Hunting and Gathering By diversifying your income stream, you don’t have to rely on one source of cash to pay off your debt or monthly bills. Find multiple income streams like freelancing, web design, a part time job, or selling a product.
  • The Money Game How much money do you want to make this year? Get out a piece of paper and write that figure down. Write down your income goal, along with 3 columns. In the three columns you’ll want to list your services, the cost of each service and the number of units sold.
  • Who’s on Your Inspiration Council Create and inspiration council and start talking about your dreams. Plant to go after those dreams instead of letting them gather dust.
  • Invest in Yourself Investing in yourself should be a key component of any business model. Consider joining an online class or buying some books or going to a seminar.
  • Collaborate with Queens & Kings Relationships are the key to any successful small business. This comes back to giving more than you get, reciprocity and the joy of helping others. Find others who have similar goals and network with them.
  • Smart Sourcing Pay people to help you complete specialized tasks that you: Don’t know how to do. Or would take you a really long time to accomplish.
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